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Top tips for a great looking carpet

Top Tip for removing candle wax. To remove candle wax use clean paper or envelope, place over the waxed area and apply and iron over it.  The heat will melt the was and soak into the absorbent paper.  Make sure the iron is not too hot as it may melt your carpet particularly if it is not wool.

Keeping your carpet in beautiful condition is a challenge for anyone. We the right care and attention your new carpet can stay attractive for many years.
Here is a few top tips for a great looking carpet.

•Don't leave furniture all in one place. Re-arrange your furniture periodically. Heavy furniture can compress, or crush the carpet pile.
•Don't let stains sit. Treat stains as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more the stain will soak into the fibres.
•Vacuum regularly
•When your carpet pile starts to look flat, vacuum against the direction of the pile to help lift it

Watch out for our weekly blog full of top tips and advice and remember your carpet is an investment so it's worth looking after – if you need any help or advice then give us a call,
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